Having you over for dinner is a real challenge and we take it up enthusiastically. In fact, preparing a meal means expressing ourselves through what we offer. Cooking is a language. Good plates nourish both our body and relationships.
In this spirit, we receive you in a friendly, convivial and simple atmosphere in La Grange aux Dîmes from the 15th century, which is our “home of our own”. The table will be laid in the kitchen, outside or in the veranda according to the mood, the atmosphere, the mete, your wishes…

We propose our table d’hôte at 07:30pm with prior booking only, with aperitif, wine, coffee – 29 €/pers (18 € for children 3 – 10 years old) + 14 € for tasting many good wines of Loire Valley.

If you want to cook by your own freely, you can have access to the fitted kitchen – induction stove, convection oven, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher – between 12:00am and 09:00pm. This free access is optional and costs 8 €/pers. You lay your table inside or outside. You bring your vegetables, meats, fishes, prepared dishes or benefit from the surplus from our vegetable garden. You will find condiments and basic products to cook and liven up your plates according to your inspirations. And if you did not have time to buy your provisions, we propose and sell some frozen or vacuum-packed prepared plates. Furthermore, you will also have the possibility to choose and buy a good regional wine in our cellar.

You can also ask for our restaurant list and we can reserve a table for you.