Within 30 kilometres of La Dixmeresse, your can discover 5 controlled designation of origin – AOC – for the pleasure of your eyes and your taste buds.

When you are in Restigné, you are in the heart of the BOURGUEIL designation, whose taste and tannin subtleties vary according to geology and soil exposure between hillsides and Graves. Thus, the Bourgueil designation can produce some Vins de soif – wines to “quench thirst” – or long term cellaring wines.

A step westwards and you arrive in the SAINTNICOLAS-DE-BOURGUEIL designation

Cross the Loire southwards and it is the CHINON that covers the Vienne Valley hillsides, but also the Graves of the Véron.

Westwards, you will find the SAUMURCHAMPIGNY hillsides, and then you will arrive in the SAUMUR land.

And if you have more time, some kilometres away eastwards, you can go and taste some MONTLOUIS andVOUVRAY white wines. West of this designation of origin, you will discover the COTEAUX DU LAYON sweet wines.

For all these designations of origin and wines, you will have the possibility to discover some selected vintages at La Dixmeresse and to have a privileged access to some magnificent cellars of local wine growers.