Even if “living is an art” in Touraine, it is good to try to preserve this art to make it sustainable thanks to upstream actions.
For all the buildings of the property – 800 m2 of living space:
– Use of renewable energies for deploying heating and domestic hot water systems with wood pellets, air source heat pumps and fireplaces with wood hearths;
– Central heating heaters are equipped with individual thermostats;
– We have replaced all the doors and windows with exclusively oakwood frames and argon double glazing;
– In the shower rooms and the kitchens all the taps are equipped with mixers and aerators;
– There are low-energy or led lamps everywhere;
– Household appliances are category-A rated – minimum.

Thus La Dixmeresse has an environmental impact of only 4 kg – CO2/m3/year equivalent.

Furthermore, we have put into action:
– Waste sorting with natural composting;
– Use of bio-detergents for toilet and bathroom cleaning;
– We do not use any weed killer or artificial fertilizers in our parklands or our vegetable garden;
– Use of sand filters for our pool.